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Avon Rep Support

Because you're in business for yourself, not by yourself!

Avon Rep
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This community is for AVON Reps who love their job and love the product. It's for encouragement and support. I ask that any posts you make to the group regarding any problems you have be made "friends only" so that only members of the AVON Reps Community can read them. After all, we don't want to make our company look bad by publicly venting, do we? The Group Owner (that's me) reserves the right to delete any derogatory or rude comments or posts that are made in the AVON Reps group.

Feel free to share your ideas on dropping brochures, getting new customers, advertising, testing the products, and more. We want to learn how to make our business better and share our love for the product and company.

Official Welcome
Hi, I am the owner of this community and I wanted to personally welcome you to the AVON Rep Support group at LJ. I created this group to offer support and encouragement to AVON Reps, as well as a place to vent problems or frustrations. I only ask that if you are venting you mark your post "friends only" so that only members of this group will read them. I've joined other AVON communities that were not very encouraging or helpful so I hope to make this a fun, informative and helpful community for you.

When you join, please share your introduction with us. Some things you can share are how long have you been selling AVON, what are your favorite AVON products or brochures, what area you are in, etc.

Again, I just want to welcome YOU, because you're in business for yourself, not by yourself!!